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There are three easy steps to owning your new scooter

Step One. Choose Your New Bike

Come along, meet our friendly, helpful team and choose your new bike!

Step Two. How Do I Register My New Bike?

Because your new bike has never before been registered in the UK, we need to complete a few very simple formalities. We need to do this because your bike is going to need a number plate.

GN8 Motorcycles will handle all the paperwork required to get your new bike onto the British register. If you prefer to handle the registration process yourself, no problem.

In order to complete the registration process you will firstly need to insure your new scooter.

We have partnered with LEXHAM INSURANCE LTD. They have a thorough understanding of the scooter market and are scooter specialists. However, you are under no obligation to use this company and are free to insure your bike with whoever you wish.

Lexham Insurance will not only offer you a very competitive quote, they will also insure your new bike using only the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Once you have been issued with your insurance policy details, we will be able to complete the registration process on your behalf. Your first years Road Fund Licence (Tax) will also be issued to you at this time.

Step Three. Confirmation of registration

Shortly after we begin this process, we will receive a “Confirmation of Registration Certificate”. This certificate allows us to get the number plates made up, secured to the bike and you are ready to go!


And, that’s it!

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